From the theory to the practice

tour guide and mosaic workshop for school groups

Half Day Tour

visit at the most important sites in the town center of Ravenna and then choice between two proposals:

  • 1/2 hours of theoretical explanation about the mosaic technique at the workshop Koko Mosaico € 5,00 per person (group min 20 persons)


  • 1h30 of practice workshop at LaRa Chiostri di San Nicolò where kids can create a personal mosaic project using the tools, materials and the marble tiles previously chopped by the mosaic teacher   € 5,00 per person (group of kids min 20 persons)

  • 2h of practice workshop where the participant can realize its own artwork choosing between a frame, a box,  a panel or a jewel from € 55 per person (group min 4 max 13 persons)